Soul Centered Therapy - Spirituality and Deep Emotional Healing - New York City. Laurie Greenberg, Ph.D. - Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist

Soul-Centered Therapy

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Your true nature is Divine.  Pure love, wisdom, clarity and strength live at the core of your Being.

You are a dynamic seed of Light, growing and developing on this Earth.  At times, you actively seek new experiences, deeper understanding, pleasure, fulfillment, connection, achievement.  Along the way, you may encounter friendship, kindness and support – as well as obstacles and challenges of many kinds.  You adapt, adjust, resist, fight, avoid, plunge into, or embrace various opportunities and challenges.  In the process, you grow and change, and move forward.

Yet at times you might feel stuck, frustrated in your efforts to fulfill your true potential, to manifest the beauty, power and creativity within yourself. You may have difficulty finding or creating something important to you – that great career, meaningful relationship, work of art, or whatever you truly seek.

You may simply be in a new phase of learning – how to create, how to manifest, how to bring your soul’s deepest desires into physical form or action in your life. You may be ready to discover more about your soul’s higher intent and purpose, and align yourself more fully with its greater goals. These goals may include your contribution to the greater Whole: How you can most meaningfully benefit other people or the Earth itself.

Or you might need to free yourself from entanglement in limiting beliefs, emotions, attitudes and patterns of behavior which are thwarting your progress. (For more on this topic, see Being Stuck, Getting Free.) Hidden within this entanglement is a treasure: your own potential to grow and develop even in the process of clearing your consciousness, unblocking your energy, discovering greater truths and finding your way to freedom.

As a transpersonal psychologist with a wide variety of skills, I’m in a good position to assist. Perhaps I can guide you to connect with your own inner wisdom and higher guidance. If you’re stuck in old beliefs, emotions and patterns. I can help you get free.

Looking from the outside, I can see the bigger picture. Connecting with you, I can help you get to the root of the problem. Together, we can ease and release emotional distress. You may feel a better flow of energy through your body – bringing greater relaxation, comfort, even joy. We can work together to liberate you from entanglement in old beliefs and patterns. You can regain clarity, power and confidence to move forward with your life. In the process, you grow in understanding, strength and competence.

You can:

EXPLORE your past lives, life between lives, dreams, imagery, and your soul’s potential.
HEAL your heart and your relationships.
GAIN acceptance and mastery of life’s challenges.
LIVE the life which is truly yours.

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