About This Website

Decorative image of an eye

This WordPress website began with the Designfolio Pro theme by Presscoders. The original theme was customized (and in many respects re-coded) by myself, Laurie Greenberg. Over time, I hired various outside experts for additional coding which is beyond my current level of expertise.  Most recently, WordPress ceased to support my original theme.  Fortunately, a technician was able to preserve the appearance and function of my site by changing the theme to 2020 and creating a highly specialized 2020 child theme.

All verbal content is created and copyrighted by Laurie Greenberg, Ph.D.

The logo image and the recurrent eye icons were originally created by artist Lisa Mayetee, who designs fractal art, websets and more. The colors were reworked by Laurie Greenberg. The main image on the home page, as well as the background textures, began as creations by Lisa Mayetee and were extensively reworked (particularly the home-page main image) by Laurie Greenberg into their present forms.

Additional art appears on this website from various sources. One image is displayed in the lower left column of all pages and posts. Additional art may potentially be added to specific pages and posts. “Thumbnails” of those artworks (if and when added to this website) will be displayed below. This is what we have so far:

Gallery 1

Decorative image of an eye

More information:

To schedule a session with Dr. Laurie Greenberg in New York City or online, please contact me directly:

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