Self-Help Skills Training

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As noted in Therapy & Counseling, I teach a variety of methods to promote a positive, constructive outlook; serenity; effective coping; and problem-solving. These methods are flexible and adaptable, allowing creative variations.

They include techniques for:

• relaxing and grounding (stabilizing) yourself;

• recognizing and appreciating the positives in yourself and your situation;

• putting difficulties and disappointments into a more positive and realistic perspective;

• calming intense emotion, when you want to feel more relaxed and in control;

• giving yourself encouragement and support;

• using your imagination and intuition to create experiences of safety, love, healing and support from beyond yourself (from others, nature, and spiritual realms).

When you feel comfortably calm and realistically optimistic, life is better and problem-solving is easier.

You can consider possible actions and their probable outcomes, and choose accordingly. You are better prepared to handle life’s challenges as you approach even greater success.

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More information:

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