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E-mail vs. Contact on Social-Media Sites

E-mail is generally private enough for most purposes – and actual e-mails are apparently less likely to be hacked than messages sent on, to or from popular social-media sites.

E-mail Privacy Is Not Perfect

E-mail is not 100% secure, so some people prefer to keep personal information to a minimum. This is an individual decision. Many people feel comfortable using e-mail for everything EXCEPT highly sensitive information such as social security numbers.

Comments Forms

Comment forms are available on many pages in this website. You’re welcome to share your opinions there. However, if you have anything very personally revealing to say, or if you’re inquiring about a session with me, please contact me directly instead – by telephone (see below) or e-mail.

I moderate all comments – which means that I screen them and decide which ones will actually be posted on the website. In some cases, I may edit comments before posting.

If you submit a comment for posting, in some cases you may receive an e-mail in response.

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