IFS Therapy (Internal Family Systems)

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IFS and You

Each of us is like a diamond with many facets. Imagine a diamond illuminated from within, revealing unique colors and patterns within each facet. Now imagine that each facet has its own consciousness!

The Light within us may shine through brightly – or may be barely visible. Our diamond may appear as a harmonious whole, or it might seem broken or disorganized.

Each of us is whole, strong, serene and radiant at our core, our Divine Essence. Yet we have many facets, many offshoots from this core, and they each carry their own array of emotions, beliefs, attitudes, and more.

In IFS, the center is our ultimate Self, and the facets are “parts” of us which seem to have their own personalities. They may be creative, driven, helpful, controlling, avoidant or reckless.

When warring or avoidant parts are active, they can obscure the inner Light. When our parts are calm, we experience and manifest more radiance – more clarity, wisdom and compassion. We’re likely to act in ways which increase our fulfillment while respecting others.

The IFS Therapy Experience

If I worked with you in the IFS mode, I’d aim to help you connect with your inner core, or “Self.” And I’d aim to help you identify parts of yourself (also called “subpersonalities”) and guide you to relate to each emergent part from your center – with compassion and respect.

Some parts may be accustomed to being in control – or vying with each other for control. Accordingly, it’s common for numerous parts to emerge long before a client clearly connects with Self. And even then, parts periodically tend to overshadow (or “blend” with) the Self, so I would help you learn to “unblend.”

I often communicate directly with a client’s parts, which can be useful in itself.

Over time, you can become increasingly proficient in speaking with your own parts from your Self. As you listen to their needs and concerns. you could help and support them, and gain their willingness to cooperate. You’d be stepping into a kind, responsive, yet powerful role as leader of your own inner system.

Centered in Self, you can build internal harmony, promoting your own wellbeing, effective actions, and positive relationships. Along the way, deep healing work is generally essential – and your true Self is the ultimate healer.

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