Deeper Preparation for Hypnosis

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In “Hypnosis Q&A (FAQs),” I suggested three simple ways to prepare for a hypnosis session.   You can go even further to pave the way emotionally and spiritually.

Why Prepare More Deeply?

Of course, it’s completely up to you. Thousands of people experience positive results with hypnosis without taking any extra steps. The methods in this section are for those who want an extra advantage.

Many hypnotists will explicitly honor your freedom of choice, and/or the greater influence of positive spiritual forces.  Occasionally they may tell you this directly.  When we’re aware that we have choices, and when we’re consciously open to spiritual guidance (which may be subtle), our benefits may increase.

Your inner wisdom is ALWAYS here for you.  However, your access to this wisdom can vary.

To help ensure that your own inner wisdom will remain accessible (usually in the background of your consciousness) throughout hypnosis, you might want to use one or more affirmations(See “Sample affirmations,” below.)

When:  Sometime in the hour or so before your first hypnosis session. (This could be sufficient, or you may want to use affirmations before any subsequent sessions as well — whatever feels best to you.)

How:  You can read or say (aloud or in your mind) any of the sentences below — and let yourself feel the truth of these words.  If none of the examples below feels convincing to you, you may choose to create your own statement that does feel real and true.  You might want to repeat your affirmation several times, pacing yourself so you can feel it each time.

Sample affirmations:

o  I maintain my freedom of choice throughout this experience.  My free will is a permanent part of who I am.

o  My Higher Self is my truest guide and protector.  My Higher Self is always working for my greatest well-being.  The hypnotist is here to assist.

o  I fully receive and use only those words (or “messages’) which are truly beneficial for me.  I easily release everything else.

By using such an affirmation, you’d actually be inducing a mild trance in yourself, and applying self-hypnosis in a very positive, self-respecting way.

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