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Past-Life Regression, Past-Life Therapy
 & Life-Between-Lives Resources – Extensive information about reincarnation, including current media events, philosophy, art and more. Stephen Sakellarios’ acclaimed documentary video, “In Another Life,” is available through this site. – International Board for Regression Therapies. Has therapists listed on line. – Psychiatrist, author, and past-life therapy trainer Dr. Brian Weiss. You can learn about his work and events, and possibly order books or CDs. Referrals are NO LONGER AVAILABLE through his website. – Author of “Children’s Past Lives” and “Return From Heaven,” researcher and practitioner Carol Bowman – currently specializing in past-life therapy with teens – presents a very informative website, including a “Past Life Forum” for discussion of reincarnation and related issues. – Association for Research and Enlightenment, “A.R.E.”
 If you call them, they may refer you to a practitioner in your area. – The Life-Between-Lives website of the Newton Institute, founded by author and pioneering regression therapist Dr. Michael Newton. Practitioners are listed on this website.

(see also “Gestalt Therapy,” below) – International Association for the Study of Dreams. A great organization, with live and online events, for those interested in dreams for any purpose – from artistic to scientific to esoteric. – On-line dream sharing, information, newsletter. – Association for Research and Enlightenment for the work of Edgar Cayce. This organization has expanded into further realms of alternative medicine and metaphysics.

Gestalt Therapy – Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy in New York. – “The Gestalt Page” International Directory. – Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy – An international resources for therapy, training, research and more.

Additional Psychotherapy Resources – Website of Psychology Today, with articles and links to therapists in many places. – Website of Good Therapy, emphasizing Positive Psychology, also featuring articles and links to therapists. – Somatic Experiencing website, with links to practitioners who choose to be listed on the site.

Addiction Healing Resources – All Treatment – provides extensive substance-abuse information and resources, including (for at least 8 States) links to treatment centers. – Another interactive resource for information about substance abuse – plus personalized assistance in finding and choosing a treatment center. 24-hour help lines are listed on their site for this purpose. Here is their page for alcohol-abuse treatment in New York: – Some suggestions to reduce drug dependence and build health. CAUTION WHEN TREATING YOURSELF OR YOUR FAMILY – This rehab center reports amazing and long-term results, emphasizing orthomolecular medicine (via nutritional treatments) in treating addictions. They also sell supplement formulas for many related conditions such as depression, anxiety and irritability. CAUTION WHEN TREATING YOURSELF OR YOUR FAMILY

(a powerful healing modality in the hands of a well-qualified practitioner)


More Resources for Holistic Health & Spirituality (see alsoHomeopathy,” above) – The Body Mind Spirit Directory – an international directory for many forms of alternative healing, spirituality, metaphysics, eco-safe lifestyles, special events, and more. – Susun Weed’s main website – a rich resource for information on natural and esoteric approaches to women’s health, creativity, fulfillment and spirituality. Hundreds of articles, links, events and more.

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