Visionary Journeys

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What are Visionary Journeys?

Visionary Journeys are guided journeys into your own inner world, memory and imagination for soul healing, emotional balance, personal and spiritual growth.  We enter these journeys through exploratory hypnosis, where you can discover more about yourself and how to progress towards greater meaning and fulfillment.

What kinds of Visionary Journeys are possible?

We can enter our own past lives for inspiration, healing and enlightenment. We may experience communication with people who are not physically present, such as a friend or relative who has left this Earth. We can experience contact with higher beings, such as spirit guides, or own own Higher Wisdom.

We can also re-visit past events in our current lifetime — incidents which have strongly influenced our life course. If certain past events were overwhelming, re-visiting them from a place of greater safety can begin a process of deep emotional healing.

These journeys frequently involve Inner-Child Work — reclaiming our creativity, courage, strength, sensitivity, joyfulness, or other aspects of our being that we may have disowned, hidden or lost in our efforts to survive disturbing events. In this process, we meet and reconnect with a younger version of ourselves and provide whatever our younger self needs: such as protection, recognition, kindness and understanding. We can also give this younger self the opportunity to express and do (safely) whatever he or she needs and desires.

In rescuing our younger selves,we reclaim the soul treasures which they contain. For example, we can regain the confidence, playfulness, or trustfulness which was ours before the disruptive events.

When we bring an inner child home to ourselves, in essence we practice soul retrieval.

Sometimes adolescent or adult parts of ourselves have also disconnected under stress, taking with them some of our energy and potential.  They may embody important aspects of ourselves, such as our ability to speak up for ourselves, or truly connect with a potential partner.  We regain our greater wholeness by rescuing them as well.

Another option is future progression — a visit to your possible future.  Your goal might be discovery or rehearsal — the opportunity to practice a skill or another intention under hypnosis,   Or you may wish to explore possible outcomes of a decision which is looming in your life, to help guide your choices.

In dream re-entry, we would explore a night dream (or even a daytime vision) by revisiting it and seeking further depth and scope. Typically we would aim to continue the dream where it previously left off. This may lead into memories, possibly of past lives, or another illuminating experience.

Are Visionary Journeys “real”?

Our experiences on these journeys may be literally true, or symbolic, or both. Sometimes we powerfully sense the reality of our discoveries. Other times, we may feel less certain. In any case, as with nighttime dreams, we can learn a lot about ourselves from the visions which emerge from the depths of our psyche.

For the purposes of healing and personal growth, it is not essential to know whether or not our memories or perceptions are literally accurate. For example, when visiting past events, it is far more useful to learn how we have responded to whatever happened. We can discover — and transform — the beliefs, emotions and attitudes which formerly may have kept us trapped.

In some journeys, symbolism clearly predominates. We may experience shifting and flowing images which in themselves can bring a wealth of meaning and a powerful emotional charge. Genuine healing energies, transformations and revelations can unfold from within these altered states of consciousness.

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