Spiritual Therapy

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Why choose a spiritual approach?

Perhaps you seek to understand yourself, your situation, your relationships — even life itself — more deeply. You may be searching for your true path and purpose in life.

Perhaps you’re already on a spiritual path, and you aim to master or clear away all that challenges your progress.

You may have a problem or concern, such as anxiety or difficulties in love, which could be eased or resolved by psychotherapy — and you may feel that a spiritual perspective would help provide the right conditions for your comfort and success.

You might want to use spiritual methods to pursue your personal goals, such as creating your ideal career or the right relationship.

Or you may seek help with a spiritual concern, such as the desire to connect with someone you love who has left this Earth.

What is transpersonal psychology?

Spiritual therapy is often called “transpersonal,” which literally means “beyond the person.” In transpersonal psychology, we realize that we are more than our physical bodies, more than our personalities, and more than our minds as we usually experience them. We are individuals, yet we are more than individuals. We are all connected profoundly with one another, and with the Universe itself. We are capable of far greater consciousness, of many experiences and abilities which are not yet fully recognized or honored by mainstream Western culture.

What is spirituality?

Spirituality is our experience of and relationship with the Divine. We may identify the Divine as the Cosmic Essence, the Oneness of which we are all a part. We may conceptualize this Oneness as an infinitely knowledgeable and powerful Supreme Being, or as Beingness itself. We may experience ourselves as cells in this Divine Body, sharing its attributes – such as consciousness, creativity, love, and power. We can understand it as the ultimate Source of all that is.

Spirituality is knowing, feeling, developing and acting on our connection with the Divine. We can relate to the Divine essence within ourselves, in each other, in nature, in our own creative and loving actions, and in any number of spiritual beings. We might experience nature itself, and even matter itself, as spiritual. We can see nature as a living manifestation of Divine intent, a part of the body of God or Goddess, a crystallization of the omnipresent divine energy. Perhaps we believe in, or feel a connection with a multiplicity of nonphysical beings. These beings might include the souls of persons who have let this plane of existence through physical death, and souls of those yet unborn. They may include beings of a more evolved or intrinsically higher nature, beings whom we might regard as ascended masters, saints, angels, or (for example, in Hinduism) gods.

What is spiritual psychotherapy?

Spiritual psychotherapycan take many forms. To a large extent, this depends on the perspective of the therapist.

What is Dr. Laurie Greenberg’s spiritual perspective?

Here are the most essential points:

  • The Divine – the Source of All That Is – lives within each of us. It is our own true nature, the essence of who we are.
  • Absolute, unconditional cosmic love and acceptance are always here for each of us, finely attuned to who we are. We can learn to tune in to this healing, affirming and blissful awareness.
  • We are challenged in many ways: to learn, grow, heal, develop, express ourselves, connect, and assist others as we increasingly manifest the Divine within us. In the process, we confront numerous obstacles which ultimately help us grow wiser and stronger.
  • We develop across numerous lifetimes. While we are here on Earth, ideally we progress in our soul’s greater purpose even as we engage with the specific challenges and opportunities inherent in earthly life.
  • Balance and self-compassion are essential to our growth and well-being.

What if a client and therapist have different points of view?

Of course, clients bring their own beliefs, perspective and experiences. This personal spirituality may be exactly right for the individual. In general, I honor each client’s own sense of spirituality in all of its dimensions, unless I see a problem here. Perhaps someone is too harsh and rigid with her/himself. Or I may sense that a person could benefit if I suggest a few expanded or alternative possibilities, or guide him or her towards new experiences – perhaps to begin to access the feeling of cosmic love and true connection between all souls.

What methods does Dr. Laurie Greenberg use?

My methods take many forms: pragmatic, deep, and esoteric. For example:

  • Some forms of meditation can be part of a session, and clients may learn some basic meditative techniques.
  • I can often help improve communication, cooperation and connection in relationships, whether working directly with a couple (or two friends or family members), or guiding an individual to deal differently with an existing relationship.
  • Using methods drawn from systems such as Gestalt Therapy and Somatic Experiencing, I can guide you more deeply into connection with yourself, helping you heal, clarify and move forward with what is truly important to you: e.g., self-expression, self-honoring, creativity, meaningful work and better relationships.
  • Dreamwork can be performed on multiple levels, and may lead directly into a spiritual focus.
      Regardless of the methods I use in the moment, my spiritual perspective is always present, either in the background or “front and center.”

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