Relationship Counseling

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Many kinds of relationships can benefit from counseling or therapy. These include relationships with family, friends, people in the workplace, and – of course – intimate partners.

What are your relationship goals? Perhaps you want to ..

o …Find a new relationship

o …Improve an existing one

o …Decide whether or not to upgrade a relationship (perhaps move in together or get engaged)

o …Learn how to create stronger boundaries within a relationship

o …Decide whether to “lighten up” a relationship — or perhaps end it completely

o …Make an important decision together

In working with people (in pairs or individually) on relationships, I draw from a wide variety of methods (see Therapy & Counseling). One powerful resource is Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT). IRT methods frequently help to create, or re-create, a sense of mutual caring, trust, respect and cooperation. In partner relationships, in particular, love and intimacy may blossom.

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