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Life Between Lives

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What is meant by “Life Between Lives”?

“Life between lives” (or “LBL”) refers to our existence as souls between physical lifetimes (incarnations). People who have near-death experiences (NDEs) may report a journey to another level of existence. Frequently they describe entering a beautiful light and discovering tremendous love and peace. They often report reviewing the life they have just left, and meeting with loved ones and guides.

Some people begin to revisit this between-lives state during past-life regression. They may recall planning their next life (which may be the life they are living now) and choosing goals of learning and achievement for that lifetime. Many of us can benefit from accessing these experiences while we are still in our physical bodies.

LBL Regression: Basics

In life-between-lives (LBL, or “life between lives”) regression, you can revisit experiences you had before your present lifetime, as a soul without a physical body. The easiest way to access the between-life state is to regress (through hypnosis) to an earlier past life. The LBL-trained therapist can then help you move to the very end of that lifetime. From here, it is usually possible to explore the process of leaving the body, preparing to move on, and ultimately moving on to a higher plane of existence.

Often we can explore these experiences in some detail. Clients frequently describe meeting friends, family members, guides and other beings — and engaging in a variety of recreational as well as serious, learning-oriented experiences.

In addition to remembering a previous between-life state, you can also have NEW experiences during an LBL session. You can meet with friends, family, guides and others on a higher plane “NOW.” You may receive spiritual guidance, answers to some of your questions, and an assessment of how well you are progressing on your spiritual path so far. The information you receive may depend, in part, on the decision of your guides and teachers on this higher plane, and the degree to which you are ready and able to receive their messages clearly.

Why regress to life between lives?

This can be a fascinating and enriching experience, bringing greater clarity, perspective and understanding. You might emerge from LBL sessions with a clearer sense of your life purpose: the learning and development you are here to achieve, the creations you can manifest on this Earth, and all you can give to others: love, support, protection, guidance – whatever gifts you bring for others to share.

What does an LBL session involve?

Typically, after initial conversation and perhaps an interview with the facilitator, he or she would guide you into a deeply relaxed, hypnotic state. You would remain awake and aware and able to communicate easily with your facilitator. She or he might guide you back through earlier times in your present life, perhaps even back to the womb. Usually, he or she would then guide you back to a previous lifetime and the end of that lifetime, then track with you the process of leaving your past-life body and all that follows. You may be guided to specific aspects of the LBL experience, such as meetings with other souls for recreation, reviewing your previous lifetime, or planning a future incarnation.

Is LBL regression for everyone?

Not necessarily. It is quite valuable to have at least one past-life regression (PLR) session first — and preferably more than one. These sessions will help you determine if you are ready for regression hypnosis in general. Some individuals will need practice, or a greater level of calm, before they are ready. Also, as I mentioned previously, you would probably enter the life-between-lives state from a past life, so it’s best if you already have the experience of revisiting a past life, and are prepared to proceed to the next level.

The age factor

According to Michael Newton, people under 30 are often blocked (by their spirit guides) from gaining certain information — often relating to their life goals — through LBL regression. (There are exceptions.) Perhaps we need to live “in the dark” through certain phases of our development in order to learn and grow in specific ways. Later, we can use increased clarity about our life purpose to learn and grow further and make our main contributions to the world.

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For more information

Dr. Michael Newton summarizes and analyzes the results of hundreds of LBL regressions in his first two books, “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls.” Dr. Newton was a major pioneer (and my main teacher) in this field. You can also find useful information on his website: www.newtoninstitute.org.

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