Hypnosis & Guided Imagery

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Hypnosis is focused attention.These focused states are part of everyday life. When you’re absorbed in an activity or a movie, you’re in a light trance.

Many methods can be used to enter a hypnotic state. You continue to be aware and free to choose your words and actions.

Hypnosis — sometimes in the form of guided imagery — can be very helpful on practical as well as extraordinary levels.

On the practical level, hypnosis can help you learn to relax, alter your habits, achieve a variety of personal goals, and heal deep emotional issues.

On the extraordinary level, you may achieve transcendent altered states of consciousness (ASCs). ASCs can be fascinating and enjoyable as well as spiritual in quality. Some individuals may achieve out-of-body experiences, when this is their goal. More common are visionary states wherein you may — among many possibilities — converse with spirit guides; visit past lives; or explore a dreamlike landscape with symbolic dimensions which help you enlarge your understanding of yourself, where you are in your life today, and the next steps in your personal and spiritual growth. Such extraordinary experiences are likely when you choose to embark on Visionary Journeys.

Visionary Journeys

Visionary Journeys involve the use of guided imagery to embark on an inner voyage of healing, discovery and spiritual attunement. For example, I would guide you to see (imagine or “image”) a beautiful scene and feel yourself in that scene. Next, I would guide you to “walk” from this scene through a door or across a bridge to another place, perhaps a previous lifetime.

These journeys take many forms. Past Life Regression and Past-Life Therapy are Visionary Journeys into a former life. Life Between Lives regression is a journey beyond physical life into the greater existence of the soul.

Regression within the present lifetime can allow you to revisit your childhood or a specific event in order to deepen your self-understanding and facilitate soul healing. You can gradually heal the child within, express yourself to another person who is not physically present, or find and begin to transform the inner core of addictive behavior. Many other fascinating and beneficial experiences are possible.

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For answers to common questions about hypnosis, please see Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Q&A (FAQs).

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