Spiritually conscious, life-enhancing psychotherapy, counseling & hypnosis/guided imagery.

Visionary Art (in NYC Office for Rent P/T)

Below are photos of several vivid and inspiring images on display (or ready for display) in a large psychotherapy office on West 25th Street, NYC. This office is now available to rent part-time. If these visions are attuned to yourself and your clients, perhaps you’d like to see the space in person! (For more details, see https://soulcenteredtherapy.nyc/beautiful-psychotherapy-office-available-pt-chelsea-nyc/.)

Again, If you’re interested in the possibilty of renting this office, please see https://soulcenteredtherapy.nyc/beautiful-psychotherapy-office-available-pt-chelsea-nyc/.

For any relevant inquiries, you can contact me, Dr. Laurie Greenberg, at:

[email protected]