CAUTION When Treating
Yourself Or Your Family

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Elsewhere on this website, I occasionally refer to natural treatments of a physical nature. Evidently, when well-chosen for the individual, natural treatments — such as herbs, special diets and nutritional supplements — are frequently well-tolerated and may have multiple benefits. (I base this statement on personal experience, the reported experiences of many people, and extensive reading over time.)

However, even natural treatments which are safe and helpful for many people … are not completely safe for everyone, due to their specific health problems, current use of incompatible drugs (prescription or otherwise) and genetic individual differences.

If you try herbs and supplements which are new to you, ideally you’ll be working with a wise and careful health professional who is open to these interventions. At a minimum, I hope you would research these treatments first to find out if they are likely to be safe for you, and then use moderation. You may want to check out multiple websites for various points of view, searching with your favorite browser:

“[name of herb or supplement] toxicity”
“[name of herb or supplement] side-effects”
“[name of herb or supplement] drug interactions”

Of course, you might also want to look at:

“[name of herb or supplement] benefits”

Please be aware that although I am a licensed health practitioner, I do not practice physical medicine. I share links to natural treatments so that you can investigate further for yourself, if you’re interested, and then make your own best decision as to what is right for you.

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