Psychedelic-Friendly NYC Therapy Office for Rent P/T

Over 150 square feet, this is one of the largest offices in a large double suite at 138 West 25th Street in NYC.  Beautifully decorated with plants and visionary art, this welcoming space is furnished with 4 comfortable office chairs, plus several folding chairs.  A fabric-covered, pillow-laden, sofa-like padded table is ideal for reclining for hypnosis and related work, though some clients prefer to sit here.  It is significantly higher than a typical couch.

Office main view

This space is suitable for individuals and couples, as well as small-to-medium groups. 

This is a great space for to work with clients who are planning, contemplating and/or seeking integration for psychedelic experiences. (Important: No one should be actively tripping on* or * provided with * a not-yet-legal substance while in this space. The options will expand when the laws change.

Meanwhile, if you’re a licensed and certified ketamine provider, you can potentially conduct these sessions here.  Please contact me to discuss the details.

For many clients (and therapists), vivid and evocative artwork is synergetic with altered states of consciousness. To see more of the psychedelic and visionary art in this space, please click here: Visionary Art (in NYC Office for Rent P/T).

FYI:  This space includes multiple amenities for the comfort of its occupants, such as A/C, a water cooler, a kitchen (reserved for tenants and subtenants), and a large waiting area spanning much of the double suite.

Full or partial days can be arranged on 1 or 2 weekdays (Tuesday and/or Wednesday) and/or weekends.

In addition, time may be scheduled in the AM until 3:00 (potentially 3:30) PM, any day(s) of the week.

For ongoing rentals, payment would be monthly.

Temporary, as-needed rentals can also be arranged.

If you’re interested, please feel free to contact me, Dr. Laurie Greenberg, at: